Rank: Black Belt

Hometown: Juquehy, São Sebastião, São Paulo

IBJJF Pan American Champion
3X IBJJF American Nationals Champion
3X IBJJF World Master Championship Medialist
3X IBJJF World Master No-Gi Championship Medialist
3X IBJJF Pan American Championship Medialist

Favorite Submission:
Toe hold

Biography: Johnny is a black belt under Professor Joao Faria and has studied jiu-jitsu for 7 years after starting two years in Judo. Originally from Juquehy, São Paulo, Brazil, Johnny has lived in San Diego since 2012 where he balances life as an Alliance coach, an actively competing athlete and a father. Johnny brings his international experience to the growth of the sport and upholds the integrity and honor that characterizes the tradition of Brazilian jiu-jitsu. In his classes, Johnny likes to mix old school with modern techniques.