Rank: Black Belt

Hometown: Santos, São Paulo

3rd Place IBJJF World No-Gi Championship
3rd Place IBJJF Pan American No-Gi Championship
10X IBJJF International Open Championship Medalist

Favorite Submission:

Biography: I started training 10 years ago, having my first class with Professor Diego Latorre. Jiu jitsu quickly became something that I couldn’t live without because of all the benefits I felt right away: confidence, healthy lifestyle, lots of friends on the mat, and enhanced humor. Shortly after I went to train under Master Fabio Gurgel and Professor Michael Langhi at Alliance HQ in São Paulo Brazil. After six years training with world level athletes and learning a lot from the best coaches, I had the opportunity to meet Professor Johnny Faria. I couldn’t say no when he invited me to be a part of his team in San Diego. I like to teach my classes as practical and direct as possible, trying to make sure that everyone on the mat is able to do the technique, and most important have fun.